Legal Aspects in Life Sciences 3


Legal Aspects in Life Sciences 3

Adapting EU AI and liability regulations to the digital transformation (English)
23.11.2022 (09:00 - 11:00)
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Companies, hospitals and research institutions are already making use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI technologies will be increasingly integrated into new products, processes and workflows in the coming years, such as in the area of research and development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as in other areas such as diagnostics and treatment. The use of AI and self-learning systems will transform research and development in the life sciences. However, the use of AI technologies in the field of healthcare concerns particularly sensitive applications that raise specific legal questions. These questions range from the problem of the transparency of AI decisions as a result of the black box phenomenon, to liability issues, to fundamental legal issues with regard to the risk of discrimination through the use of AI.

Die Referierenden widmen sich im Speziellen den Themen:

  • Making the Product Liability Directive fit for the Digital Age
  • Views of the medtech industry on the recent EU proposals (ie. AI liability & PLD revision) 
  • Legal Issues of Artificial Intelligence – New Regulations for a New Technology