Legal Aspects in Life Sciences 1


Legal Aspects in Life Sciences 1

Compliance Management Systems in Life Sciences
23.09.2021 (15:30 - 17:30)

In April 2021, ISO published its International Standard on Compliance Management Systems. 

The focus of this Webinar (english) lies in 

  • ISO Standard 37301 on Compliance Management Systems – Key Aspects for Life Sciences (The ISO Compliance Management System Concept; The Decisive Drivers of Compliance; What is Key under ISO 37301 for Life Sciences)
  • The evolution of Bayer’s Compliance management system (Changing scope and methodology over time; From a decentralized to a more centralized approach) 
  • Compliance Program Measurement from a Companies Perspective (Expectations from internal and external stakeholders; Design and implementation of organisational, procedural, and technical measures; Sufficient and effective detection and prevention of misconduct)